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I'm a botanical artist living in Enfield. graduated in April 2012 with credit from The Society Of Botanical Artists. All images and artwork copyright © Julie Whelan 2016 Exhibitions: Dugdale Centre Enfield Town – August 2012. Capel Manor Enfield – September 2012. Society Of Botanical Artists -highly commended for the Joyce cuming presentation award – April 2013. Botanical Art in Bloom, Phoenix Park, Dublin Ireland – May/June 2013. Botanical Art Expo, Claregalway Castle Ireland July/September 2013. April 2014: Society of Botanical Artists. June-November 2014: Royal Brompton and Harefield hospital Arts-Harefield hospital. November-January 2014:Royal Brompton and Harefield Arts-Royal Brompton Hospital. December 2014-February 2015:Staff and patient exhibition at the Royal Brompton Hospital- Proffessor David Rayson-Head awarded 3rd prize February 2015- Awarded associate membership at The Society of Botanical Artists. April 2015-Society of Botanical Artists Annual Exhibition. July 2015-work accepted by the RHS February 2016-Society of Botanical Artists awarded full membership April 2016- Society of Botanical Artists-Awarded Margaret Granger Memorial Silver Bowl

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Eventful few weeks since my last blog!

The Society of Botanical Artists Annual exhibition, The Language of Flowers in Westminster went very well http://www.soc-botanical-artists.org/exhibitions_2013.php  It was 10 days worth of joy and excitement...It made all the months of hard work worthwhile. I spent the private viewing day/evening on the 11th of April with a group of fantastic people amongst them being fellow artists and wonderful friends.

Fellow artists and wonderful friends
© Julie Whelan

The evening before the private viewing, I received an email from Sandra Wall Armitage the Newly assigned president of the Society of Botanical Artists informing me that the SBA council, were delighted to inform me that my painting of the honeysuckle and hummingbird had been highly commended for the Joyce Cuming presentation award!

Well you can imagine what must have been going through my mind when I read the email!! I couldn't believe my eyes and of course I was stupidly excited...The thought of one of my paintings chosen for an award out of 709 paintings, it was mind blowing! Anyway I calmed down and prepared myself for the private viewing the following evening...

I was so excited to see this under my painting!
© Julie Whelan

Highly commended for the Joyce Cuming presentation award
© Julie Whelan
The exhibition hall was full of very happy artists, friends and families joining together to celebrate the language of flowers! A buzz filled the room and it was an evening that I shall not forget for a very long time.Thank you to all my friends/family for making it such a memorable evening (You all know who you are!).

Myself, and my paintings with Vickie Marsh, former president of the Society of Botanical Artists.
Vickie Marsh  along with many others did a fantastic job with the exhibition. It looked amazing.
Thank you all very much for making the exhibition an enjoyable and memorable occasion.
© Julie Whelan

Very happy artists indeed :)
© Julie Whelan
A fantastic day was had by all and everyone was in the mood to celebrate...So off we went and wined/dined for the remainder of the night! 

Fellow artists, friends and family all getting together to celebrate The Language of Flowers!!!
CHEERS and see you all again next year :) :)
© Julie Whelan


Claire said...

Yay Julie, lovely blog post,brings it all back.
Was really lovely to finally meet you at last xxx C

Julie Whelan DipSBA Botanical Artist said...

Thank you Claire, it was lovely meeting you too at last :) xxxx