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I'm a botanical artist living in Enfield. graduated in April 2012 with credit from The Society Of Botanical Artists. All images and artwork copyright © Julie Whelan 2016 Exhibitions: Dugdale Centre Enfield Town – August 2012. Capel Manor Enfield – September 2012. Society Of Botanical Artists -highly commended for the Joyce cuming presentation award – April 2013. Botanical Art in Bloom, Phoenix Park, Dublin Ireland – May/June 2013. Botanical Art Expo, Claregalway Castle Ireland July/September 2013. April 2014: Society of Botanical Artists. June-November 2014: Royal Brompton and Harefield hospital Arts-Harefield hospital. November-January 2014:Royal Brompton and Harefield Arts-Royal Brompton Hospital. December 2014-February 2015:Staff and patient exhibition at the Royal Brompton Hospital- Proffessor David Rayson-Head awarded 3rd prize February 2015- Awarded associate membership at The Society of Botanical Artists. April 2015-Society of Botanical Artists Annual Exhibition. July 2015-work accepted by the RHS February 2016-Society of Botanical Artists awarded full membership April 2016- Society of Botanical Artists-Awarded Margaret Granger Memorial Silver Bowl

Friday, 8 June 2012

Studio build :)

Since my graduation I have been rather distracted with the excitement of my new studio build :) It had to be done, we need our dining room table back!! I designed my studio to fit at the bottom of our small garden...We wanted it to blend in with the natural environment and we wanted it to be both practical and attractive to look at. So with that in mind we decided to have a 8ft by 8ft studio with a glass frontage for maximum natural daylight and then to the side of that a 6ft by 3ft garden shed/workshop.

The build feels like it's been going on forever; the typical British weather hasn't helped and out of the 4 weeks we have only had 10 days of sunshine! However despite the weather, the builders have plodded on and they hope to have finished within a week! Studio and garden shed/workshop is almost finished and then a raised patio needs to be built in front... Then I need to arrange plants in front and around to soften the overall look!

My studio

Since this photo the garden shed/workshop to the left of the studio now has a door and the inside of the studio is painted in cotton white! The outside is painted in wild thyme. When it's stopped raining I shall post a more up to date picture :)

I have also been sketching away and trying to capture some of our seasonal blooms; they don't last for long in this rain we are having at the moment :( However I have no time to waste...I have to hang at least 16 pieces for my art exhibition in August with my fellow artist friend Samantha Ann Hutchinson. So my plan is to sketch first and then turn in to a maniac painter!
Centuria Montana
Aquilegia Columbine


Dicentra spectabilis- 'Golden Heart'- Bleeding heart
I have started to paint my Bleeding heart and I have also done the colour matching for the other pieces...That's all for now! Better get painting all of the above, watch this space for a bit of colour!


Anonymous said...

wonderful Julie..your studio is looking fantastic. So many sketches in the works...well done you!

Julie Whelan DipSBA said...

Thank you :)