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Enfield, London, United Kingdom
I'm a botanical artist living in Enfield. I graduated in April 2012 with credit from The Society Of Botanical Artists. I work mainly in watercolour and some graphite. All images and artwork copyright © Julie Whelan 2015 Exhibitions: Dugdale Centre Enfield Town – August 2012. Capel Manor Enfield – September 2012. Society Of Botanical Artists - Ranked highly commended for the Joyce cuming presentation award – April 2013. Botanical Art in Bloom, Phoenix Park, Dublin Ireland – May/June 2013. Botanical Art Expo, Claregalway Castle Ireland July through to September 2013. April 2014: Society of Botanical Artists. June-November 2014: Royal Brompton and Harefield hospital Arts-Harefield hospital. November-January 2014:Royal Brompton and Harefield Arts-Royal Brompton Hospital. December 2014-February 2015:Staff and patient exhibition at the Royal Brompton Hospital- Proffessor David Rayson-Head of painting at the Royal College of Art awarded me 3rd prize. February 2015-I was awarded associate membership at The Society of Botanical Artists. April 2015-The Society of Botanical Artists Annual Exhibition.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Time to share some of my new botanical artworks.

It's been a busy last few months, meeting deadlines and family stuff getting in the way of my studio time! Just back from a short break, having new windows fitted and then my fantastic dad spent 2 weeks with us and decorated both bedrooms, lounge, dining room and kitchen! Everywhere looks clean and fresh and I love my new windows and decor :)

I did manage to do a few paintings prior to the chaos of decorating and building work! It was juggled with a few family issues and we learnt that our family dog of 14 years, Toby, our small Yorkshire Terrier is suffering from kidney disease and a large single liver mass was also found. Despite the findings, he's doing well with a diet change and of course lots of TLC! He's responsive, eating well and free from pain...This is all we can ask for, right now.

Toby our beloved family dog of 14 years ♥
Anyway despite things getting in the way, like I mentioned above, I did manage to do a few paintings over the last few months...© Julie Whelan.

: Lilium ‘Sparkler.’ Common name: Oriental Lily  


: Lilium ‘Casablanca’. Common name: Oriental Lily

: Lilium ‘Casablanca’. Common name: Oriental Lily